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1047 Amsterdam Ave., Medical Bay of nave National AIDS Memorial at Cathedral of St. John the Devine since 9 November 1985
Divine art and music
I stopped into The Cathedral of St. John the Divine today for one of it's free classical organ concerts. As I strolled around the Cathedral waiting for the music to begin, I found an altar piece in one of the Cathedral's smaller chapels - St. Columba. The altar piece looked very modern from a distance. As I approached I realized that the piece I was looking at was a work by Keith Haring. It is in fact a casting of the famous original triptych altar piece found at the AIDS Interface Chapel at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. I had only heard about this powerful and moving work created by Keith Haring in 1990, before he died. It is truly beautiful and inspiring. I am glad we have one of the few castings of it to exist, on view at our Cathedral. Your children will connect with the modern and universal images of this spiritual story. The altar piece is entitled "The life of Christ," circa 1990.
Photo © Edna Suarez goARTkids

13 March 2011
Edna Suarez, New York City