City of Vincent, WA
Robertson Park, cnr Stuart & Fitzgerald St. Perth AIDS Memorial since 1 December 2001
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Prayers pay off
The run-down Robertson Park AIDS memorial has been fixed following extensive lobbying by the Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence. The order of queer nuns contacted the Voice in 2012 complaining the memorial had fallen into disrepair, the lights weren’t working, and it was unclear what the memorial was actually for. It was also being used as a skateboarding park by blasphemous local kids.
Mother Gretta Amyletta of the order says after long lobbying and a few articles in the Voice, Vincent council responded. Some $15,000 was spent on upgrades, including fixing up the pond, installing new lights, and a sign so people can actually tell it’s an AIDS memorial. At the sisters’ request a rock garden was installed so visitors can engrave a stone with the names of loved ones who’ve died from the disease.
“The Perth sisters are absolutely delighted,” Mother Amyletta says. “The Perth sisters have received [numerous] comments from people saying how proud they felt about the memorial again now the repairs have been completed.” With two community figures dying due to HIV/AIDS in the past two weeks, Mother Amyletta says the memorial is still very relevant and important to the community.
Vincent mayor John Carey says “I think it’s a beautiful reflective area that’s now fitting for the memory of victims of AIDS”.
The sisters had hoped artist Rodney Glick would agree to putting a red ribbon on the monument but he’d said that wouldn’t work with the piece, so they compromised and instead installed a sign with the ribbon and an explanation of the work. They’re still hoping Mr Glick will change his mind.
Photo (c) Jeremy Dixon PerthVoice

12 November 2013
David Bell, Perth