Антверпен, Фландрия
Kipdorpvest 48a СПИД Мемориал Фламандский и Брюссельский Квилт с 15 май 1989
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The first panels for an AIDS Memorial Quilt in Belgium are made in 1988 and were spread during Aids Memorial Day 1989 in Antwerp. The Dutchman Gart Zeebregts was involved as a volunteer with the NAMES Project in San Francisco and had contact with the AIDS team, one of the first Flemish AIDS prevention organizations. From that, the NAMES Project Flanders came about. At the beginning of the 90s, Brussels started up with Patchwork des Noms.
After the Brussels group ceased, their Quilt also came to the NAMES Project Flanders, which again was acquired by the HIV-association Flanders. At Zeebregt’shome, quilt moments were organized, where new panels were created and eight separate panels were sewn together to make up a large quilt block.
Flemish and Brussels quilt blocks are displayed in Washington 1996, on the European Quilt Tours in 1993, 1994, and 1998, as well as during Eurogames 2007 at the new Central Station of Antwerp. Two quilts are ceded to the International Aids Prevention Initiative in New York.
Due to the merger of AIDS organizations to form Sensoa in 2001, it was decided to stop the NAMES Project Flanders. The Quilt is now cared for by Sensoa, sometimes given in loan, and spread every year on World AIDS Day and the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. Patrick Reyntiens is the contact person. In recent years Sensoa received five new panels. The Flemish and Brussels Quilt consists of seven quilt blocks and fifteen separate panels.

Sensoa - NAMENproject Vlaanderen