Los Angeles, CA
Lincoln Park, 3600 N. Mission Road The Wall Las Memorias depuis 2 Décembre 2004
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Las Memorias: The Wall
12/2004. Robin Brailsford, lead artist, with David Angelo, architect. Lincoln Park, Los Angeles.
This project was built with the passionate dedication of many family, neighborhood, church, and community volunteers; with corporate funders and with City and State help. Six 11'x13'x3' freestanding sculptural elements are set in a landscape of the Brailford's design. The 9'x11'3' porcelain enameled steel panels, designed by Yolanda Gonzalez and executed by Wick Alexander, are sheathed in copper shingles. The other mural artists are: Alex Alverov, Paul Botello, Hugo Crotheswaite, Kathy Gonzalez, and Miguel Reyes. Two large name panels, clad in slate and sandblasted, will eventually bear the names of up to 8000 individuals who have died of AIDS. Photos © Robin Brailsford Public Art in LA

Décembre 2004
Robin Brailsford, Dulzura, CA