Alter St.-Matthäus-Kirchhof, Großgörschenstraße 12, Feld F südwest 'Think positHIVely' Grave Monument since 4 August 2003
30 names
“This gravesite is a memorial to all those who have died of the consequences of AIDS – It is a place of reflection and of coming together.”
This is the inscription on the gravesite, listed as an historic monument, in the Old St. Matthew graveyard, for which the registered society “Denk mal positHIV – Think positHIV, for once” assumed the sponsorship in 2000.
Around 1875, this monumental tomb originated as the vault of the Streichenberg family. It distinguishes itself by the art historically valuable arched marble panel, created by the sculptor Rudolf Pohle. It represents a youthful spirit as the intermediary between Heaven and Earth. The symbols bespeak Death, Mourning, Faith, Hope, and Perfection. Lottery funds and donations allowed for the monument’s extensive restoration. Members of the Society provide for the plants and the tending of the gravesite on a voluntary basis.
The question arose in many people’s minds: “In what fashion and where will I be buried one of these days, and who will take care of my gravesite?” Many chose to be buried anonymously, since there was no-one to take care of the graves and they did not wish to impose themselves on anyone.
We are determined to counteract this sort of anonymity. The names of all the persons, who were interred at this gravesite, are recorded on the marble plaques. By doing so, we have dedicated a site to the people who lived with HIV and who died of the consequences of AIDS. The gravesite receives members of diverse religious denominations. This locale is no anonymous monument, but rather a gravesite that restores the names to all those who have died of AIDS.
On World AIDS Day the names of those, who have been buried on the gravesite in the previous year, are entered on the marble plaques. A memorial function is held, where there is the opportunity to light a candle in personal commemoration.
People with vastly diverging life stories and differing approaches to dealing with AIDS are buried on this site. In memory of these individuals we celebrate the countless men and women, who died of AIDS and who are affected, even beyond their deaths, by the stigmatisation that occurs with this disease. The first burial took place in August of 2003, and as of December 2011, thirty persons have found their final resting place there.

Denk mal positHIV e.V.