New York, NY
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1047 Amsterdam Ave., Medical Bay of nave Nationales Aids-Memorial in der Kathedrale St. John the Devine seit 9 November 1985
While at St John The Divine
I happened to stay at the Morningside Heights district in Manhattan while I visited NYC and my place of lodging is near the St. John The Divine, which is also one of the stops along the sightseeing routes of the tourist Citybus. Just to share some interesting facts about St. John The Divine:
- St. John the Divine is the largest church in the U.S.A. and the largest cathedral in the world. (Not to be confused with the largest church in the world, which is the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast.) Apparently, the cathedral stretches the length of two football fields.
- There’s always construction going on, as the church has been a work in progress since 1892.
-  In December 2001, there was a fire that destroyed part of the church, exacerbating the restoration process.
- The church has many chapels, each dedicated to a different national, ethnic, or social group. Other chapels are dedicated to contemporary issues such as sports, poetry, and AIDS.
- The Saint Savior Chapel contains a three-panel bronze altar in white-gold leaf with religious scenes by artist Keith Haring (his last sculptural piece before he succumbed to AIDS in 1990).
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22 Juni 2008
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