De Ruyterkade t/o 113 HIV/AIDSmonument Netherlands since 1 December 2016
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As from December 1st – World Aids Day – The Netherlands have their own HIV/AIDSmonument, officially unveiled by the mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan. It is located on the south-bank of the inlet IJ on a permanent location between Central Station and the concert hall Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ. The monument Living by Numbers was created by the French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. The monument has the shape of a giant abacus, which counts down till the end of aids. The striking feature of the landmark are great scarlet beads made of handblown glass.
The AIDSmonument is a beacon of hope and support to anyone living with HIV. At the same time it will be a tribute to all buddies, supporters, medical employees, activists and scientists. Moreover it is also a memorial, dedicated to all our loved ones who have died of AIDS.
The inlet IJ seems a perfect site for the AIDSmonument due to its history symbolizing trade overseas. Sailors did not only exchange goods; they also exchanged diseases. Only a few decades ago the De Ruyterkade was the place for hookers and junkies with just around the corner a bus providing methadone and the eastern side of the quay being a popular car-cruising area for gays. Nowadays the ‘back of Amsterdam’ shows the dynamics of the Dutch capital transformed to a beautiful spot at the water, among exceptional architecture and international splendor.
For Living by Numbers Othoniel was inspired by figures: the number of victims, the number of people who live with HIV, the number of CD4-cells. The hand blown beads symbolize hope, especially our hope that one day people will be able to stop counting.

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