Amsterdam Museum Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt - blocks 2 and 12 since 6 June 2017
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In the course of musealization of the Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt, the Amsterdam Museum acquired two quilt blocks that more than others relate to Amsterdam. Block 2 is - despite its number - the oldest and dedicated to musicians and the Hiv Vereniging Nederland (Hiv Association Netherlands). One of its eight panels - actually the first panel to make up the Dutch Quilt - was made for classical pianist Youri Egorov who left the former Soviet Union to live as openly gay man in Amsterdam. Another three panels were made for people that shaped the predecessors of the Hiv Vereniging: Coenraad Stegeman, Harry Hogerhorst and Paul Keunen. Block 12 is dedicated to singers. One of its eight panels was made for René Klijn who publicly declared having AIDS in the television show De Schreeuw van de Leeuw in november 1992. Together with Paul de Leeuw he sang his song Mr. Blue which became a number 1 hit in the Dutch charts. Block 12 also contains the panel for Danny van Dam, whose mom Tonny Biesterveld became year-long quilt caretaker of the NAMES Project Netherlands.
Blocks 2 and 12 have been transferred to the Amsterdam Museum on 6 June 2017.

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