New York, NY
United States
153 Christoper Street AIDS Memorial at Church of St. Veronica since 1 December 1991
In 1985, the church rectory of St. Veronica was given to some of Mother Teresa’s nuns, who opened one of the city’s early AIDS hospice centers. A few years later, in 1991, the church installed the AIDS Memorial, a series of plaques with the names of men who died from the disease drilled into the choir loft. While the Catholic Church has had a sometimes uneasy relationship with the LGBT community, particularly in the Gay Village Catholic and Catholic-affiliated institutions like St. Veronica’s or St. Vincent’s Hospital were taking some bold steps in addressing the presence of AIDS in this community. St. Vincent’s closed its hospital doors in 2010 an on July 23, 2018, people gathered for the last Mass at St. Veronica's. The Church of St. Veronica was granted landmark status in the 2000's, which means it cannot be torn down or significantly altered. The future of the building is not known.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York