Rheinuferpromenade/ Markmannsgasse Names and Stones - Cold Corner since 17 August 1998
90 names
The memorial stones in Cologne have gone through an eventful history. At the beginning of the nineties the search of an acceptable location for the memorial was very difficult. Upon the insistence of Aidshilfe Köln and Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung at 28th June 1993 the stones could temporarily be embedded at the public location “Alter Markt”. Meanwhile it took the name “Spur” (Trace).
Already November 1993 the memorial stones have to be removed because of renovation works. They were stored at the Aidshilfe Köln and the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung – from this moment on the AIDS-memorial had no fix location and was only showed at some events (i.e. at the CologneAidsGala and the exhibition “Milchhäute – á l’amour blessé).
From 1993 on both organizations and the City of Cologne where searching for an adequate location and five years later the memorial found finally a new home. On 17th of August 1998 the memorial stones were embedded at the water front of the Rhine and it took the name “Kaltes Eck” (“Cold Corner”). Since 1998 the Aidshilfe Köln is responsible for the memorial and every year at Christopher Street Day (ColognePride) new stones were added at a commemoration.
Current more than 90 names of people who died of Aids where engraved at the stones – two of them upside down, because the family members disagreed with the embedment.

Aids-Hilfe Köln e.V.