am Schloßturm/ Freitreppe zur Rheinuferpromenade Names and Stones - Triplet II since 30 October 2000
63 names
Since October 2000, Düsseldorf also has its “Denkraum”. It is located at Burgplatz, the central square of the Old Town, just above the flight of steps leading up to the square from the lower promenade along the river Rhine. The installation is called 'Dreizeiler', or triplet, because it takes the shape of three rows of large paving stones, about 60 cm wide and 20 meters long, highlighted by an angular strip in brass. At the moment it counts 63 stones with the names of residents of Düsseldorf and several prominent personalities, all of whom died of AIDS.
The location of the memorial ensures a maximum of public exposure, as the square and the flight of steps combine to give a popular meeting place for residents and visitors alike. Whilst dying of AIDS is a topic that is often suppressed and ignored, here, at this location, the subject comes into its own, right into the heart of life, focus of the public eye and place of remembrance. It is a clearly visible sign of acceptance, tolerance and sympathy in the midst of Düsseldorf.
The location for the memorial was chosen and proposed to the office for cultural affairs of the city of Düsseldorf by the artist, Tom Fecht, and Harald Schüll of AIDS-Hilfe Düsseldorf. The city council gave its consent to the location with a large majority of its members.
Extensions of the memorial are planned at irregular intervals. The first extension was made in 2002, the second in 2010. Friends and relatives of a person who died of AIDS can donate a stone. If they wish, Tom Fecht will engrave the name of the deceased person in the stone.

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