Fraumünster, Stadthaus-Quai Names and Stones - Epitaph III since 26 November 1995
At the foot of the Fraumunster-Church in Zurich, right on the outside wall under the famous Chagall windows, paving stones are embedded in the ground. Some of these stones are labeled with the names of people of Zurich, who have died of AIDS. This action was brought to life by Berlin artist and concept developer Tom Fecht. He’s taken on the idea of "Names and Stones" in 1992 on the occasion of Documenta IX in Kassel. The project has been planned for several years and should draw as Memoire nomad from place to place. To each individual, he dedicated a stone that is different from all the others in shape, weight and size. In 1995 he came to Zurich with a temporary installation called 'Infelix Lignum' Helmhaus. As in many other places Zurich wanted a permanent place of remembrance. Thus, under the initiative of Linus G. Jauslin of the Swiss Foundation “AIDS and child”, 57 name stones found a permanent home on 1 December 1995 as 'Epitaph III' next to the Fraumunster. They should call for solidarity with the people affected by the disease and erect a condign memorial to the victims of AIDS. Photo © Susanne Trappmann

Stiftung Aids und Kind