Museum Rotterdam Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt - blocks 13, 20 and 29 since 25 September 2018
19 names
In the course of musealization of the Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt, the Museum Rotterdam acquired three quilt blocks that are exclusively commemorating people from Rotterdam. Block 13 contains eight panels for 11 different people including an immigrant from Ivory Coast. Block 18 contains eight panels for 8 different people and was made in a quilting group. Block 29 was made during the closing ceremony of the Ron Wichmanhuis on 30 April 2009. The house was a meeting place for people with HIV/AIDS and was originally planned to include apartments for people in need of special support. During the closing ceremony, participants were asked to put down names of people that they would like to commemorate.
Blocks 13, 20 and 29 have been transferred to the Museum Rotterdam on 25 September 2018.
Photo © NAMENproject Nederland

Museum Rotterdam