Fries Museum Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt - block 15 since 9 October 2018
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In the course of musealization of the Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt, the Fries Museum acquired a quilt block that relates to Friesland and the neighboring province Drenthe. This block is easily identified by the use of the Frisian vlag with its typical water-lily leaves and is dedicated to the chapter North of the Hiv Association Netherlands because four of the eight panels were made for people who regularly met in the Groningen headquarter. Jurjen van den Berg (deceased in Drachten) did not hide his illness as a teacher in a primary school. Van den Berg and the school received prizes in 1994 and achieved international fame. Egbert Scheel (deceased in Weidum) was born in the province of Utrecht and discovered his love for Friesland at the age of 26. He felt very much at home in the country of mounds. After half a year he spoke fluent Frisian, practiced Frisian handball, became chairman of the local theater association and was active in the youth club. Cees Bunschoten (deceased in Hoogersmilde) and Jos Harms (deceased in Emmen-Zwartemeer) are from neighboring Drenthe.
From 15 April 2008 until 28 March 2009, block 15 was already part of the exhibition 'Quilts - kunst met een Q' (Quilts - art with a Q) at the former location of the museum.
Block 15 has been transferred to the Fries Museum on 9 October 2018.

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