House of European History Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt - block 30 since 3 December 2018
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In the course of musealization of the Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt, the House of European History in Brussels acquired a quilt block that is dedicated to transpeople. Vera Springeveer was a travesty act of the Dutch artist and singer Charles Lücker, the maker of the panel for Piet Verschuren is a transwoman. Stefan Weiland from Saarbrücken is the one who died most recently (2011) of all for which a quilt panel was made. Hendrik Jan Smid already died in 1990, and it took his mother some time to fulfill her promise to make a quilt panel. Hendrik Jan died at the age of 29, René Cornelisse at the age of 37, the other four were in their fourty's. Joep Zeebregts is the brother of Gart van Gennip who in 1988 brought the idea of the Quilt to Europe.
Block 30 is the last block of the Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt and therefore only contains six panels instead of eight. It has been given to the House of European History for inclusion in their exhibition 'Restless Youth - Growing up in Europe from 1945 until today' in December 2018 and has been added to their collection afterwords.

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